My Background

Hi! I'm Camile and I am the owner of milmil. Some fun things about me is that i'm a freshman in high school and I live in California. Before milmil mark3t, I had 2 mini businesses in elementary school. I would sell hand knit accessories in 3rd grade and slime in 5th grade. My school did not allow selling stuff or having slime on school grounds so soon enough 'slime by camile' was shut down. But as a 5th grader making $100 in a month (which was a lot of money to me at the time) by just doing what I enjoyed and making my friends/classmates  happy at the same time felt so rewarding. Even now it is still the best feeling whenever someone orders from my shop, it feels almost unreal.


The Start of milmil mark3t

When I was 12, I started an instagram page 'milmil market'. I would locally sell hair accessories and shell necklaces . During that same time I was slowing becoming  more insecure and anxious. I deleted 'milmil market' and stopped making things I liked to do because I felt so scared about what people thought about me. Going into 8th grade, I was expecting myself to just get over it but instead it just got worst. I felt so insecure and anxious to the point where I would go days without going to school. I was getting behind in school work and loosing connections with peers. Every day I wished that I could just stay at home forever. On March 16 we were all told that we must go into SIP. The only positive way I was able to think about the situation is that at least i'm done with middle school. At the end of March, I started to keep my self busy by sewing and making accessories. I re-opened my shop on Depop to sell my old clothes and some handmade accessories. Quarantine gave me time to innovate and build new ideas that I wouldn't have been able to think of. After my 14th birthday in May 2020, I decided to go through and invest the money I made on Depop  into making my own website. It took a lot of hard work and time but by June 27 2020  I was able to publish milmilmark3t.com